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Hot Tub Removal

Need hot tub removal at a price that’s right? Then count on 911 Junk California to get it done! Our team is happy to do the work for you. We’ll make that old hot tub hit the road! The service you’ll get from your local junk removal business will put the franchise-based competitors to shame!

  • We’ve removed many hot tubs in our time. Count on our experience!
  • After you disconnect the hot tub and drain it, we can get to work.
  • Best of all, get local savings and more affordable service by choosing us!
Hot tub in need of hot tub removal services

Full-Service Hot Tub Removal Service

When looking for hot tub removal companies near you, don’t settle for a franchise-based business that overcharges you and hits you with unfair hidden fees. Instead, choose 911 Junk California! Our team can haul away your hot tub, no problem. We take care of the:

  • Cutting and hauling
  • Recycling and disposal

Our full-service hot tub removal and disposal is the ultimate solution to an unwanted hot tub. Reclaim that space and get rid of your old hot tub the fast and easy way. We’re ready to help!

911 Junk CA junk removal professionals at a customer's door

How It Works

Hot tub removal service gets done the right way thanks to our team. After you have disconnected and drained your hot tub, our crew follow these steps:

Cutting and Hauling

  • We cut the tub into pieces to make it easy to haul.
  • Next, our team hauls the hot tub pieces to our truck.

Recycling and Disposal

  • Finally, we truck the hot tub away.
  • We recycle whenever possible to reduce waste.
Junk removal CA staff

The Right Team for Hot Tub Removal Service

When you need hot tub disposal or jacuzzi disposal, you can count on 911 Junk California to get it done the right way. Our professional junk haulers know a thing or two about junk removal, and that’s because we’ve worked countless jobs for an immeasurable amount of clients. Here’s what those clients all have in common, though: they all walked away satisfied.

  • Affordable. Our hot tub removal service comes at a fair price, leaving you with savings to spare.
  • Thorough. We don’t cut corners. Count on us to carry out the whole process without any hang-ups.
  • Friendly. Our team is happy to meet you! We love making friends with our clients.
  • On time. We consistently arrive on time. You can expect us during a provided 2-hour arrival window.
Eco-friendly junk removal

Recycling Hot Tubs

Keeping It Green

Now, more than ever, it’s important to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. That’s why at 911 Junk California, we strive to recycle as much of the junk that we receive as we can. That way, our “footprint” on the planet gets reduced. It’s part of our eco-friendly commitment.

  • Hot tubs contain many recyclable materials, such as metal, plastic, and fiberglass.
  • These materials don’t decompose in landfills, so it’s important to recycle them whenever possible.
  • Count on us to recycle your hot tub for you. It’s part of our full hot tub removal service.
Smiling junk removal expert interacting with a customer

Hot Tub Removal Cost

Need cheap hot tub removal? Sometimes, it feels like it’s hard to find affordable junk removal services from anybody. That’s because “big box” junk removal companies love to overcharge for their services. However, our jacuzzi removal cost proves that expensive hot tub removal doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Pay Less and Choose Local

  • We don’t have to pay costly franchise fees, meaning we cut you a better deal for the same services.
  • Our volume-based pricing means you pay based on how much room the hot tub takes up in our truck.
  • Accept our upfront quote, and we’ll begin our work. You’ll never encounter any hidden fees from us!
Junk removal representative on the phone

Schedule Hot Tub Removal Service

Schedule hot tub demolition and removal and get rid of your unwanted hot tub fast! Thanks to our same-day and next-day availability, you can get rid of an unwanted hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi as soon as today or tomorrow.

Call Now

  • Call us at (562) 209-8884. One of our staff members will be happy to help you out.
  • Tell us details about your hot tub removal so we can get you a cost estimate.
  • Like what you’re hearing? Then choose an appointment day.
  • We’ll give you a 2-hour arrival window that you can expect us within.

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Hot Tub Removal Service Near You

Old spa removal and hot tub debris removal gets done best by your locally owned and operated junk removal business, 911 Junk California. Based in Orange County, we provide residential services and commercial services to homeowners and business owners throughout our service areas here in our little part of California. So if you’ve got a hot tub you need gone, we’re the team you need to get rid of it the fast and easy way!

When we’re on our way to your site, you’ll receive a courtesy call from us so you know we’re on the way. Once we’ve arrived, take a moment to get to know us before showing us the hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi you need hauled away. From there, we’ll give you our quote, and if you accept it, we’ll start working immediately!


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