How 911 Junk CA Pricing Works

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We like to keep things simple at 911 Junk California. When it comes to pricing our junk hauling services, here’s how it works: we have a truck that can handle the equivalent of six pickup truck loads. We charge you based on how much space your junk takes up inside the truck. That’s it.

We’re really good at assessing piles of junk and estimating how much space they require, so we can give you an estimate before any loading happens. In fact, our estimates are all obligation-free, so if our pricing won’t work for you, you are free to search for another team. However, we hope we can find a way to meet your needs at a great price point! We offer 12 different prices, and we don’t charge until you give us the green light. If the job requires more than one truckload, then we simply start the pricing over each time we start a new truck.

Our minimum charge is $120

1/8 Load


2 cubic yards

1/4 Load


4 cubic yards

3/8 Load


6 cubic yards

1/2 Load


8 cubic yards

5/8 Load


10 cubic yards

3/4 Load


12 cubic yards

7/8 Load


14 cubic yards

Full Load


16 cubic yards

Pricing May Vary Based On Location


Honest, Upfront Pricing

We guarantee that we won’t increase the price past our quote, and we’re always glad to lower it if the truckload is smaller than we estimated. We approach junk removal this way because we’re passionate about building a relationship with you and earning your business. For accurate, careful junk removal services you can trust, contact us today!


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