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911 Junk CA is here to help business keep moving. With our commercial and office clean outs, we provide a team of junk removal experts that you can rely on. If you have questions about our cleanout process, our service areas, or what we take, don’t hesitate to give Junk 911 CA a call at 562-209-8884.

furniture store filled with furniture items


No matter what kind of business you are, everybody needs a table! Whether you have a restaurant full of tables, an office space with countless desks, or a break room that needs an office clean out, you can trust 911 Junk California to do all the heavy lifting. We can even haul your old tables for an affordable price, since we only charge you for the space your tables take up in our truck.

Junk removal expert hauling a chair


Perhaps you’re replacing all of your office’s old chairs, or maybe it’s time to convert your entire workforce to standing desks. No matter the reason, we are happy to be here to help you get rid of all your old chairs. Simply give us a call and we will show up to load all of your unwanted chairs into our truck, never to be seen again!

piles of old appliances abandoned on road


While some businesses only have a microwave or two sitting around, other businesses, such as restaurants, have large, bulky appliances that they need to get rid of from time to time. Handling all the heavy lifting on your own could be costing you valuable time and money. Why not trust 911 Junk California to take care of the job?

Old furniture and shelving


If you’re converting a retail space or simply moving things around to make room for new products on the sales floor, you can team up with us! We will show up to your place of business with our office clean out services. We have the tools to break down your unwanted shelves and we will haul the pieces into the back of our truck.

Pile of electronics for electronics removal


In this modern era, we can’t get by without our electronics, whether it’s at home or at work. If you have an old TV, printer, photocopier, or any other old electronics laying around, we have the muscle to help you. Our professional, full-service team can show up to your place of work and haul off that old hunk of junk, freeing up space to use for more important things.

A dilapidated old shed in need of shed removal services


Time to upgrade your backyard? 911 Junk California can help you with our light demolition services. Need to tear your old deck out? No problem! Have an old shed you can’t stand to look at? Say no more!


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